THESE PAST FEW YEARS HAVE BEEN VERY TRAUMATIC for all of us. We have seen our world transformed, communities challenged, and families facing despair. It is very difficult to cope during these times. However, there is hope.

WE are not meant to be alone, nor do we heal alone. We are meant to be in strong families, communities, and countries. There are many obstacles we can focus on, and that will be true. What we can do that will be more beneficial is to focus on ways we can make each other's lives better, easier, and more fulfilling.

Starting today, wherever you are, think of a way that you can bless your family, loved ones, coworkers, and even a stranger. It can be a kind word, a warm embrace, or even financially. Pause, pray, and receive and you will get the right answer. Let's see where this goes.

Continue being a blessing to others. watch it grow from here.