Salsa pioneer, multiple award winner, and musical legend Willie Colon at Colombia Fest 2018

Allie PyroCat performing with the Chicago Full Moon Jam

Puerta de Ora de Colombia at Colombia Fest Miami 2021

Grammy Award winner Isaiah Sharkey

Karen and Santiago performing a very energetic salsa routine

The multi-talented artist, performer, and creator Adriley Roman. Click on her photo to find out more about the great cultural projects she is creating.

Lela is an accomplished singer, dancer, actress, and Zumba instructor. She performed on The Voice season 13 on Jennifer Hudson's team. Click her photo to learn more about her artistic adventures.

The Chicago #BAM Orchestra at The Promontory in J Dilla: Celebrating the Life and Beats of James Dewitt Yancey W/SamIam the Mc, Quinn Winston (DrxQuinnx), Christopher Horace (F.A.B.L.E.), Alysha M. McElroy-Hodges (Alysha Monique), Bobby Cooper (Bobby Wonderfull), Thaddeus Tukes, Mayshell Morris, Stella Vie, Natalie Lande, Kenneth Charles Leftridge Jr., Jacob Slocum, Roy McGrath, Matthew Davis, Royce Harrington-Turner, Matthew Jarosch, Walter Sanchez, John Moore Jr., Connor Bernhard, Ryan Nyther, Elio Adrian

Karlies is a professional dancer, dance instructor, and educator who teachers her students across all stages of life the power, beauty, and grace they all have within. Click to learn more about her and Panadanza.

The elegant Priscila

Deise becoming the 2018 Samba Queen

Mena showing the beauty of Samba