Mena showing the beauty of Samba

Karlies is a professional dancer, dance instructor, and educator who teachers her students across all stages of life the power, beauty, and grace they all have within. Click to learn more about her and Panadanza.

Lela is an accomplished singer, dancer, actress, and Zumba instructor. She performed on The Voice season 13 on Jennifer Hudson's team. Click her photo to learn more about her artistic adventures.

The multi-talented artist, performer, and creator Adriley Roman. Click on her photo to find out more about the great cultural projects she is creating.

Kolhouse embodying the sun and the sea.

Alma's Ofrenda for Dia de los Muertos

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Summers

Stanley and Elaine and their bundle of joy

The stunning Alexis celebrating her birthday in style wearing House of CB at The Joy District in Chicago.

Malcolm and Erika's surprise engagement

Tracey and Shunieca's wedding

Arianna embracing her special day!

Special K celebrating her special day with family

Kauany embracing her colorful spirit with facepainting by the extremely talented and accomplished Rosa Cline. Click this image to book your body painting session today!

Abhi is an accomplished model, manager, and personal trainer looking ready for his next endeavor. He is wearing a custom 3-piece tuxedo from The MOS Brand. Follow them to order yours today.

Amber's First Birthday

Colombian Singer Anne Gil at Colombia Fest Miami 2021. Click on her portrait to listen to her music.

The multi-talented Meiling Jin. Click to find out more about who she is and the great things she is creating.

Jennifer Kolhouse can help you and your family find your dream home in the Chicagoland area. Click her image to learn more.

More of Alexis

Author, educator, actor, and creator of 1619. Journey of a People, Ted Williams III. You can find out more about his body of work by clicking here!

Colombia singer, musician, and performer Criss Little. You can find out more about who he is and his body of work by clicking here!